MCPlayNetwork ロゴ公開


New logo is here!

The MCPlayNetwork logo has been updated with a new logo!

The new logo will be used for all MCPlayNetwork services. A licensed version will be distributed at a later date for users who need the logo.

A huge thanks to Kiyuu Media Group for their help in designing the new logo, and to コスモ for designing the logo. Her Twitter link is attached. Also, as Kiyuu Media Group doesn’t have an official website, I’m attaching a link to our parent organization Gravitto’s page. Some of their other work is even cooler. Check them out!

Kiyuu Media Group –

コスモ Twitter –

Already the game server icon, discord server icon, Twitter icon, and website icon have been updated. Please join the Discord server and contact our staff if you see the sites with the pre-changed icons. We’ll change it right away!